Be Mine This Valentines 2015....


So with January out the way it seems like Valentines day & Easter looms upon us. Part of me loves Valentines day & part of me very much loathes it. I hate to sound like an 87year old granny here but it seems like Valentines day is all about what present your going to get when in actual fact that's so far from from what Valentines day is about it's silly. Granted I have bought the handsome Marty some presents but I haven't gone crazy, if money were no object I'd have a brand new Nissan Qashqai turning up but the reality is things take more of a priority & I honestly believe as long as you do something special no matter how small (I for instance de-iced Martyn's car the s'morning & made him a peanut butter & banana cinnamon bagel) just to let that person know you care, then that is all it's about. So forget about the Michael Kors watch or rings from Pandora & just buy a big box of chocolates, each of your favorite films & snuggle up together! I know we most certainly will be! We decided against going out for a fancy meal & instead I'm cooking the starter & Marty is cooking the main, followed by a box of chocolates from Hotel Chocolat & our duvet on the sofa....that to me is bliss. Oh & not forgetting a bubble bath & face mask session together. If it's one thing that I've learned that's togetherness is the most important thing, no matter how big or how small a deal you decide to make, as long as your together then that's all that counts. So if your doing something with your Boyfriend, Fiancee, Grandpa, Mother, Best friend, Nanna, Girlfriend or hey even your dog! Just remember I'm with you on the non soppy a dozen roses side of things! 

If you do want some ideas on what to get your other half, I'd say stick to a budget (I know I have!) & remember it's more about the sentiment than the cost. 

Valentines day for the boys
  1. I love your take on Valentine's day. Definitely refreshing to read that someone shares my views :) It's far more about the little things and being with the person you love rather than getting a present that you can post on instagram so people think your relationship is perfect. Your plans for the day just sound perfect!! :) xx

    Love and Marmalade

    1. I'm happy I'm not alone :) It defiantly seems like it's all about the amount of stuff you can fit in to one photo for instagram, a 14year old girl added me on there the other day & was moaning she only owned 10 Mac lipsticks....10 mind! At 14 my biggest issue was "what CD player will play my scratched Blink 182 CD". I thought I was just being old & cynical. xx


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