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On a rainy Wednesday afternoon I couldn't help myself & decided to have a peak on the Schuh website. I couldn't resist having a look in the trainer section, trainers are fast becoming a weakness of mine considering I didn't actually own a pair of trainers until last year. I love white, grey & black trainers because they go with everything! That being said I do really the neon trainers that are around at the moment, especially if you're wearing a plain outfit,a pop of neon looks amazing. I'm also not ashamed to say I like some of the mens trainers, I'm a UK size 6 in shoes so I am lucky enough to be able to fit in Mens & Womens. Some of the Mens trainers are gorgeous & can you really tell they are mens? I mean really? I honestly don't think you can. I think it's safe to say I can vastly seem my shoe collection growing, especially the trainer section of my wardrobe. 

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    1. I'm obsessed with Nikes lately! My love for trainers is being very expensive lol.

  2. I love all of them!
    I would love to see you on my blog!
    xoxo Antonella !


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