The Perfect Pamper Evening....


Being a big old preggo whale that I am at the moment, I can't seem to get enough of having a chill out in the tub. Thankfully my fiancee is amazing & happily runs me a bubble bath & lights all the candles, as well as even supplying me with a face mask & magazine (yes he really is the best, I suspect it's a ploy to play some Fifa in peace without me asking a bazillion questions). I feel nothing helps me unwind more than when I'm soaking in a giant bubble bath with a face mask on. I feel like every Mother to be should have a bit of "me" time before the little one arrives, especially when you can't see your toes & you're some how tired just by sweeping the floor. These are some of my bath time essentials;

Perfect bubble bath

It's pure bliss just sat soaking away turning in to a prune, I know I'm defiantly going to get my big shares worth of "me time" bubble baths now before my little kicking spud arrives. Although Martyn has vowed that this is something I need to do at least one night a week even after Baby Alffie arrives, I think everyone needs a bit of me time & even more so when you've got nappies up to your eye balls. 
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  2. I'm glad you like it :) I'll defiantly check your blog out lovely.

  3. I would love to try out a Laura Mercier Honey Bath but they are very pricey. Are they good and worth the money? :)


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