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So before my little Alffie bear gets here me & Martyn (mainly me because I'm a massive nag) have decided to redecorate our bedroom, now there's nothing wrong with it we just left it as it was when we moved in (it had been freshly painted a neutral off white color) we are slowly making our way through our house & putting our stamp on everything. So for our bedroom as it's going to be our very own little slice of heaven especially when Alffie get's here & one of us wants a nap or to just chill out for an hour before bed or when I'm using my breast pump in between feeds I want our room to feel as luxurious as possible, with deep colors to contrast against the crisp white walls & be really set off against our black bedroom furniture. As far as color goes i'm pretty sure we're sold on getting a deep purple as a feature wall, it was going to be a dark grey but there's something warm & inviting about a deep dark purple shade that has caught my eye & I thin will really set off the black furniture. We haven't officially decided on what color yet, I feel we'll defiantly have a patchy wall where we experiment with some tester pots at the end of march! 
Furniture wise, I already have two Kullen chest of draws from Ikea that are in a dark blackish shade so we are keeping all the furniture black, & I plan on getting these beautiful bedside tables & Malm dresser  from Ikea too just as extra storage. We also plan on getting a new bed & mattress from Ikea too which I think my back will be singing hallelujah for! 

I defiantly plan on getting some deep plum/berry shade accessories & I'm slowly picking up bits as I go, I found some gorgeous things so far from B&M, Asda's Home range, The Range & H&M home, I'll be sure to show you before & after pictures & I'm keeping note of where & how much all the bits I'm getting cost so you can expect a giant home ware haul/room tour style post in the coming months. I'm so excited to creature a beautiful space for us both to really chill out in & an environment that will hopefully be calming to new born Alffie. Also I've been posting a ton of room/home inspo on my Pinterest lately so be sure to keep an eye on there if your interesting in home decor as much as I am. 

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