My favourite Orange & Coral lipsticks......


Since it's boiling hot at the moment I seem to be gravitating towards the brightest oranges & coral shades in my lipstick collection. I thought I'd share with you my favourite colours that I keep wearing a lot of. 
  • Firstly Morange & Vegas Volt by Mac....who doesn't have these shades or lust after them? They are two perfect colours for the right amount of pop of colour. I've had them in my collection for a while since orange is my favourite colour, everyone buys me something that's orange...even lipstick! I won't talk too much about the formula of Mac lipsticks since it's noted almost on every beauty blog but I do really love the creaminess & vanilla scent that comes with a Mac lipstick. 
  • Moving on to Revlon, these in my opinion are pretty close to Mac formula wise except they have no scent at all, they apply really nicely, have excellent stay power & just allround an excellent lipstick/brand. I have the shades Siren & Peach Silk from the Moon Drops collection they realised ages ago! Both are beautiful shades & if you don't want to splash out on a Mac lipstick I'd highly recommend trying Revlon first, especially since Siren & Morange are quite close in colour. 
  • Next up is Nyx, I haven't tried many of their products but I do love their lipsticks, I have the shade Haute Melon & it's beautiful, these lipsticks can be a little drying on the lips but I just pop a tiny bit of vaseline over the top, not only does it make your lips glossy but it injects a bit of moisture too. Overall the Nyx lipstick is lovely, it isn't the brightest but for the price it's a bargain. 
  • Finally I have a lipstick by Barry M now I have had this lipstick FOREVER & everytime I do a massive clear out I can never bear to part with it in case they've stock selling it. The shade doesn't have a name it's just "53" & it's such a pretty coral shade with a tiny hint of gold running through it. I've had lots of compliments whilst wearing this shade & it's the cheapest out of all my lipsticks! The formula isn't too creamy but not too drying at the same time it's almost somewhere in between, it doesn't have a scent & is tiny enough to throw in your handbag pocket. 
From Left to right - Nyx Haute Melon, Mac Morange, Revlon Siren, Mac's Vegas Volt, Revlon Peach Silk & Barry M shade 53.

Saturdays Face.....


A saturday is a day when I like to sit at my dressing table & take my time to do my make-up. I don't have a "standard" make-up look I tend to just apply my base & brows then see where my mood takes me....although it's never too adventurous as I don't think I actually own any coloured eye shadows. I'm far more of a neutral eye girl with bold lips. Today I was just feeling a fresh make-up look, nothing too over the top, bronzed, highlighted & nude with big lashes. Sadly my all time favourite eye shadow which is Urban Decay's Sin has come to an end. RIP you beautiful thing! Does anyone recommend something similar? It's such a beautiful champagne nude shade with shimmer running through it but not too shimmery. It's understated yet beautiful & can be worn day or night. I'm tempted to try Stila's Kitten eyeshadow in the hope that it might compare, but feel free to recommend some shades to me, maybe Mac's All That Glitters? Who knows! It's very possible I'll just order Sin as a single eyeshadow as it's so beautiful. 

Trainer wishlist.....


On a rainy Wednesday afternoon I couldn't help myself & decided to have a peak on the Schuh website. I couldn't resist having a look in the trainer section, trainers are fast becoming a weakness of mine considering I didn't actually own a pair of trainers until last year. I love white, grey & black trainers because they go with everything! That being said I do really the neon trainers that are around at the moment, especially if you're wearing a plain outfit,a pop of neon looks amazing. I'm also not ashamed to say I like some of the mens trainers, I'm a UK size 6 in shoes so I am lucky enough to be able to fit in Mens & Womens. Some of the Mens trainers are gorgeous & can you really tell they are mens? I mean really? I honestly don't think you can. I think it's safe to say I can vastly seem my shoe collection growing, especially the trainer section of my wardrobe. 

Treacle Moon Body Scrubs....


Treacle Moon is a brand that I am extremely fond of & have been using for years now, it still seems that not many people tend to know about Treacle Moon & how fantastic their products really are so I thought I'd share the wealth so to speak! I love everything about the Treacle Moon products, from their clean packaging to the quirky little stories that accompany each scent...& speaking of scent these body scrubs smell amazing! I've found all of their products to be thick & luxurious with a beautiful scent that actually stays on the skin. I chose to focus this post on the body scrubs because they are my constant go to product especially before self tanning. 
You need to exfoliate really well before getting the tan on & although I love Soap & Glory's Scrub Actually  there is something that I can't quite put my finger on that I prefer with the Treacle Moon body scrub, I think it's the fact it's so creamy which you never tend to find in a body scrub & the delicious fresh smell. It's also not overly abrasive but does leave your skin silky smooth & also an added bonus is it doesn't leave your both full of grit! Think more along the lines of a creamy shower gel...but with added grit bits here & there, that's the best way I can describe it which I know doesn't do it justice (I apologize Treacle Moon!). As far as I'm aware Treacle Moon is exclusively sold at Tesco but you can purchase them from their website & they do have a Facebook.
 There is quite a vast product range by these two scents are my favourite by far other than Cool Melon Fresca. They do also have a "sweet shop range" which I haven't seen in many stores but I have seen the range at the larger Tesco Extra stores.
The good news is they only retail for £2.99 & very often are in the two for £3 deal which is a complete steal! I'd definitely recommend these products especially if you're after a good body scrub, I'd even give Treacle Moon products as a gift as they are so pretty & they have such a vast range there is certainly a scent for everyone! I also have sensitive & dry skin...especially on my legs & this product doesn't aggravate or irritate them. 

Note; This wasn't a sponsored or endorsed post in anyway, I just bloody love Treacle Moon!

Livingroom Details....


 I love my home & think the key is the details. I redecorating my living room from the awful pit that it was to this beautiful warm cozy room it is now. Don't get me wrong it's not perfect nor is it finished by any means but it is my sanctuary. I love to mix patterns & textures, as well as adorning with walls with off whites & Perfectly Taupe by Dulux. I have lots of silver, black & horns/antlers I'm slowly creeping in more crystals & coral but our little home collection is growing well. I'm forever finding treasures in Homesense, eBay, Tk Maxx, H&M, Zara Home & Etsy. I have a clear view of what I want my home to be like & Pinterest has helped a lot with that.  
 Sadly we are moving from this little cottage soon & hopefully to a bigger & better house. Although I've lovingly crafted this shell of a house into a home there is SO much more work that needs to be done to it & I honestly don't have the time or the energy. We plan on moving ASAP & we want somewhere that doesn't have a jungle for a garden & somewhere that is stress free. It's bliss living high up on a Welsh hill with a lovely view of all of Swansea, Neath Port Talbot & the sea but this house has more drama than I think I can honestly deal with. Time to move on to something bigger & nicer. Somewhere we can start a family & a new chapter.



I can feel another obsession brewing. I've gone off patterns for a while & have been very much in to my basics, such as zaratopshop. There is something so chic & effortless about a basic tee that I just love. It's the ease of throwing an outfit together & knowing you can pair it with different items to get different styles. That being said I seem to have fallen in love with stripes all over again. It all started with THIS dress/tunic from Topshop which has since gone out of stock in every size known to man ever (can you sense the bitter resentment?!) & now I am hooked! I decided to purchase a striped black & white tee from Zara along with a long sleeved black & white striped tee.I think paired with ripped at the knee jeans & some ankle boots will look gorgeous, but I can also get a lot of wear out of them through the summer with frayed levi shorts & cute denim hot pants (shield your eyes!I'll keep this look for evening strolls on the beach I promise) & white converse. Slowly I'm injecting some sort of pattern in to my wardrobe all be it black & white but it's still there!

Silver hair don't care pt2.....


If you saw my previous post about my silvery blonde hair you'll know it was extremely informative about what products I used etc. I did really like the colour at the time, but I decided I wanted a deeper silvery grey...less blonde more silver. I decided to try a different brand of dye, I kept everything else exactly the same just changed my hair dye. I picked up Nice'n'easy's 9A Light Ash Blonde, I was slightly scared as I've never used Nice'n'Easy before but I thought "what's the worst that can happen right?!" It's a light colour anyways so it's easy enough to rectify. I followed the instructions to the letter & go slightly worried half way through as the dye looked really dark but I tried not to panic & kept the hair dye on. I also foiled sections of my hair to keep the white blonde going through almost like highlights. So here are my results;

As you can see I was left with a lovely silvery colour which is exactly what I wanted, bare in mind I think my hair only turned as silver as it did as it was so light before, so if you're after this sort of colour you'll get best results with prelightened hair. I'm really happy with the silvery shade & love the white blonde bits running through to add a bit more depth & warmth. I think I would go slightly darker next time, maybe more of a deeper sliver shade. 

Current High End Beauty Wants.....


I'm a beauty junkie at the best of times but when I find a product that I will love I will use it to death (or until I hit pan!) & I'm terrible for buying back ups of products & never trying anything new. So it's my task to try new products & these are some high end products as of late that have really jumped at me. I'm obviously not going to buy them all in one go (I wish!!!!) but I think each month I might buy one or two & hopefully fins some new loves. I'm especially drawn to the brand Too Faced, I had a swatch session in Boots a while back & fell in love with their Chocolate Soleil Bronzer I love the texture, the smell & defiantly think you get a good amount of product in the compact, I'll do a proper  review when I purchase. I also was drawn to the Chocolate Bar Eyeshadow Palette it's so beautiful & has an excellent range of mattes & shimmery shades, this is a product I can definitely say I will be purchasing. I've listed all products below if your interesting in having a little look & finding out more information on them in detail. I don't take any liability for your bank balance afterwards

Weekly Round Up.....


So nothing too eventful this week the weather has been SO up & down I felt too scared to go out in shorts incase I looked like a nutter walking in the rain with hot pants on. I've very much lazed around, ate good food, enjoyed date night with Martyn & generally just had a nice uneventful week. I have family moving over from America this coming week so I'm filled with butterflies & excitement! I can foresee lots of summertime adventures, ice cream, pamper parties, date nights, shopping trips & tipsey bbqs! I havent seen my cousin & her wonderful husband since Christmas 2012 so as you can imagine I'm on cloud 9! She's like more of a sister than a cousin & has been there for me when I'm in the foulest mood & need cheering I think she's one of the handful of people that understand my make-up & pinterest obsession so she's a true star in my eyes! 
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