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Treacle Moon is a brand that I am extremely fond of & have been using for years now, it still seems that not many people tend to know about Treacle Moon & how fantastic their products really are so I thought I'd share the wealth so to speak! I love everything about the Treacle Moon products, from their clean packaging to the quirky little stories that accompany each scent...& speaking of scent these body scrubs smell amazing! I've found all of their products to be thick & luxurious with a beautiful scent that actually stays on the skin. I chose to focus this post on the body scrubs because they are my constant go to product especially before self tanning. 
You need to exfoliate really well before getting the tan on & although I love Soap & Glory's Scrub Actually  there is something that I can't quite put my finger on that I prefer with the Treacle Moon body scrub, I think it's the fact it's so creamy which you never tend to find in a body scrub & the delicious fresh smell. It's also not overly abrasive but does leave your skin silky smooth & also an added bonus is it doesn't leave your both full of grit! Think more along the lines of a creamy shower gel...but with added grit bits here & there, that's the best way I can describe it which I know doesn't do it justice (I apologize Treacle Moon!). As far as I'm aware Treacle Moon is exclusively sold at Tesco but you can purchase them from their website & they do have a Facebook.
 There is quite a vast product range by these two scents are my favourite by far other than Cool Melon Fresca. They do also have a "sweet shop range" which I haven't seen in many stores but I have seen the range at the larger Tesco Extra stores.
The good news is they only retail for £2.99 & very often are in the two for £3 deal which is a complete steal! I'd definitely recommend these products especially if you're after a good body scrub, I'd even give Treacle Moon products as a gift as they are so pretty & they have such a vast range there is certainly a scent for everyone! I also have sensitive & dry skin...especially on my legs & this product doesn't aggravate or irritate them. 

Note; This wasn't a sponsored or endorsed post in anyway, I just bloody love Treacle Moon!
  1. They sound great! Lovely post, will definitely need to try them.
    Would love if you checked out my blog x

    1. They are honestly gorgeous & so inexpensive! I'll definitely check your blog out :)

  2. these look awesome, thanks for sharing!

    xx fameliquorlove // bloglovin // instagram


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