Weekly Round Up.....


So nothing too eventful this week the weather has been SO up & down I felt too scared to go out in shorts incase I looked like a nutter walking in the rain with hot pants on. I've very much lazed around, ate good food, enjoyed date night with Martyn & generally just had a nice uneventful week. I have family moving over from America this coming week so I'm filled with butterflies & excitement! I can foresee lots of summertime adventures, ice cream, pamper parties, date nights, shopping trips & tipsey bbqs! I havent seen my cousin & her wonderful husband since Christmas 2012 so as you can imagine I'm on cloud 9! She's like more of a sister than a cousin & has been there for me when I'm in the foulest mood & need cheering up....plus I think she's one of the handful of people that understand my make-up & pinterest obsession so she's a true star in my eyes! 

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