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I haven't done a post about food or recipes for a long long time, now I know none of the above require cooking & skill, but theres something fun about slicing & dicing & having different variations of the same thing for breakfast. I made a pact with myself that in a last ditch attempt to make more of an effort with my diet I would HAVE to eat the dreaded first meal....breakfast. Something I can never be bothered to do & would happily have someone else make me (like my good friend Mcdonalds) .  I figured if I took a photo of it every day (when I was off work) then I would simply have to make an effort because the OCD freak that I am I can't bare horrid & messy photographs that lets be honest look uninviting & crap. I started my week with boring old Shreddies then got more creative as the week went on, rummaging in the long forgotten breakfast cupboard & finding weetabix to make interesting as well as filling. I can see this being a weekly occurrence because knowing I was going to create a blog post has spurred me on & made me actually look forward to the early mornings. It's definitely given me more energy & made me snack a hella lot less so it's a good thing. The noisy side of me loves to see what other people are eating & cooking, I like it because not only am I curious but it also inspires & motivates me to get of my bum & not reach for the boring Belvita Breakfast Biscuits everyday. So heres to next weeks breakfast post.......
  1. They all look so good! And I love your Black and White Chevron mug :)



    1. Thank you lovely :) I think the mug is from Wilkinsons, I'm obsessed with chevron homeware at the moment! x


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