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So today I decided to venture out of the house & have a stroll around some shops, I wasn't looking for anything in particular but with the tiny bit of sunshine that decided to pop out from behind the clouds, I couldn't help but to think of summer. This winter has been filled with copious amounts of boring makeup looks & anything that will hide my dull dry winter skin, but no....this summer will be different. I will be that bronzed, tanned, dewy, glowing goddess with flawless skin (as goddess like a 5ft4 pale Welshy can be!). I'm fed up of Benefits highbeam & wanted something a bit different, now don't get me wrong I love my highlight in my Sleek contour kit but I just wanted something a bit different, something I wouldn't normally go for. After 15 minutes of aimlessly walking around Boots & getting distracted by anything with a slight shimmer, I came across the Soap & Glory makeup stand, I've never tried anything from the Soap & Glory make-up line but LOVE their bath & skin care products. After happily swatching for 5 minutes I found Peach Party, it's somewhere in between a highlighter & blush and priced at £11.00 it had to be mine! I love the various of colours & defiantly think this would suit the majority of skin tones, especially olive & darker skin tones. 

Whilst wondering around I stumbled around the Revlon stand, much to my displeasure it looked like some small child (I hope it was a child not a gross adult!) had put their finger/tried on EVERY product in the entire range, but found these new Colorburst matte balms, I swatched the shades Striking Spectacle & Showy Flamboyante, They are gorgeous shades especially Showy Flamboyante, I've never owned anything this shade & although part of me was scared to try it on, I actually think it's a lovely unique colour. Both priced at £7.99 which I think is quite fair for the amount of product your getting. I love the fact they are packaged as some sort of giant pencil which allows for a more precise application, now all these pros there must be some cons your thinking. But actually I have nothing bad to say! The longevity of this product is really good (I went on to wear this for the rest of the day as well as eating a meal, & true to the name it didn't budge!) considering it's a matte product it doesn't dry your lips out or leave them looking chalky which is always a bonus! I for sure will be sporting these this summer, especially teamed with the Soap & Glory Peach Party & fairly nude eyes. 

Wearing Showy Flamboyant on left & Striking Spectacle on the right & Peach Party in both.

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