A weekly round up....


This week has been slightly uneventful (until Sunday!) but here are some highlights;

There has been some gorgeous sunshine this week in Wales but also some horrid thunder storms, so it means when it's sunny you have to grab it with both hands & jump to it! 
We had some lovely tea this week, I'm getting more & more into cooking & having the fridge packed out with fantastic ingredients inspires me even more to get creative & cook something delicious & fresh from scratch. I'm cooking up a storm! 
So it's time I should address the adorable little ball of fluffy also known as Nigel....I didn't pick the name Marty did! Little Nigel was the only little Russian Dwarf Hamster left in the pet shop & he's so precious Martyn refuses to leave him there, so we have a new member to add to the growing list of fluffbutts. 
Finally we had lots of move nights this week especially when the storm hit, nothing is better than a big bowl of popcorn & a snuggle on the sofa during a thunderstorm. 
  1. Love these kind of posts - that steak looks epic!

    Drea xo

    1. I think I'll start doing these posts weekly, it's a nice little catch up. It was an epic steak dinner, it's always a winner in my books!


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