Argan Oil Hydrating Hair Mask.....


After running out of my much loved Herbal Essences Bee Strong hair mask ran out & my S Factor "Serious" conditioner also came to an end I felt slightly at a loss. I enjoyed both hair treatments & my hair did too but I wanted to try something different. Whilst having a browse & killing time in my local Home Bargains I stumbled upon this Argan Oil Hydrating Hair Mask, now for a tiny 99P I wasn't expecting miracles...I also was debating if I should use it or not, I'm somewhat of a hair snob & refuse to use cheap & nasty shampoo that leaves your hair feeling notty, dry & brittle. None the less I decided to give it a go & for 99P it was no love lost if it was rubbish. 
First I shampooed my hair & you use this treatment in between conditioning, I towel dried my hair as directed & worked this product from root to tip but mainly focusing on the ends of my hair. I left it on for around 8 to 10 minutes & rinsed it off with warm water & then went on to condition. I have to say I was stunned, my hair is visibly shinier & thicker, but also thicker to touch, so much so my Mum commented asking if I had hair extensions in for volume....I didn't. It was all the power of Argain Oil. I really am wowed at how a product so cheap can do wonders to your hair, it smells really nice & has a thick consistency slightly thicker than the SFactor Serious conditioner, which surprisingly I found easier to work in through my hair.
 I'm not saying this is better than my other favourites mentioned but it is certainly on par & again for 99P I wasn't expecting anything so to have visible results is certainly a big gold star in my book!

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