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The best yummy homemade hot chocolate ever! Complete with salted caramel & mallows, A healthy yummy breakfast, Cute little fox jumper for Alffie from Boots, Mega curly hair with Mac's Relentlessly Red Lipstick, Valentines day gifts! Some little treats from Debenhams, A messy Gertie before she was groomed & a naught Gertie after!

I thought it had been a while since I had posted a little life update, I haven't been up to all that much lately, mainly thinking about Alffie & getting lots of bits ready for when he's here & packing my hospital bag...what a palava that is turning in to! I think if I took a whole suitcase of stuff with me I'd still manage to forget something! I'm thinking of doing a blog post on what I'm actually taking maybe it will help other soon to be Mums because I know I've struggled terribly. The due date is looming every closer though, D Day is May 12th (fingers crossed he is born on that day or maybe before?!) I know I'm getting more & more anxious as it approaches. 
Moving on from all things preggo related, My beautiful little Gertie had her first grooming session last week, she looks so beautiful but even more gangerly & tiny than before! I miss her messy fluffy mane! If your in South Wales I'd defiantly check out Doggy Do's in Port Talbot not only is it one of the most affordable groomers that I've found but the groomer Simone is so friendly & really has a passion for what she does, she really put my nervous little fluff ball at ease & has done an excellent job. 
I forgot to mention that this valentines I was extremely spoil! Not only did Martyn buy me a gorgeous River Island handbag I'd had my eye on for a while but also he gave me a gorgeous little hamper filled with lots of goodies like chocolates, a mug, Yankee tarts, bucks fizz & more! We had a fantastic meal & snuggled on the sofa all night after a lush bubble bath complete with face masks, we sat & laughed the whole time, it's little moments like that, that make me so happy & really cherish & appreciate how amazing he really is! 
I'll be sure to do one of these updates each month, especially when my phone is groaning at the amount of photos I take! I do love photo diary style blog posts. 
  1. Lovely photos! That fox sweater is great and your dog is adorable :)



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