Post pregnancy shopping....


Not that I'm counting or anything but today I officially have 5 weeks & 4 days left! With the time growing closer I'm getting more & more excited not only to meet my little Alffie but to also not have swollen feet, not waddle like a duck when I'm walking & be able to eat pate! It's the little things really. I'm actually over joyed at the thought of wearing normal human clothes again too as apposed to being constantly in sweat pants & pjs (I feel like a flump). I have an ever growing list on Asos & Topshop & I can barely contain my excitement at the though of dressing pretty & wearing nice jeans again. So as I'm on strict "rest" today, I thought I'd do what I do best & compile a little want list of all the lovely things I have saved away ready to be ordered for when I pop. 

Topshop Pre-preggo wants!

Everything is from Topshop

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