About Me

My name is Soffie, I live in South Wales,UK & I'm 24years young.
I created this blog in the hope that I can share & find like minded people that like the same things as me as well as to have an outlet that feeds my creativity & combines everything I love in life adventures, make-up, fashion, photography, graphic design, crafting, cooking, interior design & animals.
This is not a strictly beauty blog, but far more of a lifestyle blog with a heap of beauty thrown in.

20 Facts About Me

  • I have a house full of animals that consist of Coco & Belle - the cats, Indianna - The sausage dog, Gertie the Bichon Frise that refuses to grow & Nigella (it was Nigel but we've since found out that little fluffbutt is a girl) - The Russian Hamster.
  • I have a monochrome house with Norwegian style influences, I like minimalist chic. 
  • I am a sucker for good packaging/graphic design, it doesn't matter what the product is or unfortunately how crap the product it, I get lured in!
  • I shoot the majority of my photos of my Iphone 4s but I do also use my digital SLR which is a Nikon D60.
  • Myself & Martyn are currently expecting a baby boy whos due May 12th 2015!
  • I'm 5ft4 tall....that makes me the second tallest person in my family....yes I'm from a family of hobbits. 
  • I am engaged to a wonderful & stylish man named Martyn as well as having excellent hair & a fantastic bear, he's my best friend & we'll be celebrating our five year anniversary this year!
  • My favorite colors are orange & white
  • I used to be obsessed with mermaids, so much so that I used to put both my legs in onside of my leggings (I was about 6, this didn't happen last year don't worry!) & pretend I was Aerial.....If only dreams could come true!
  • I am OBSESSED with Disney I'm slowly swapping all my classic Disney VHS's for DVDs & Blu Rays.
  • I'm in love with Chevron & stripped patterns, I have a silly amount of chevron bedding. 
  • I love a good bargain & literally spend hours on eBay, which has resulted in some rather quirky finds for my home.
  • I'm a hard worker & I get this from my Dad, work hard & play hard! 
  • I love going on adventures, especially if it involves a picnic & woodlands. 
  • I really enjoy cooking & experimenting in the kitchen, I love cooking up wonderful things for our weekly date night.
  • I love love love anything oriental, I find the history fascinated & have an obsession with Lucky Waving Cats....so much so I have a oriental half sleeve. 
  • I have a few tattoos which include a half sleeve, stomach/rib piece, thigh piece, behind my ears, my hips & my ankle....this normally shocks people as I'm so "girly" people never expect it.  
  • I'm named after Sophia Loren, my Dad had a serious crush on her. I spell my name the Welsh/Norwegian way though. 
  • I have one sister & she is older than me by 12 years.
  • I have an collection of Yankee Candles & I am literally obsessed with them, I buy at least one every month & everyone always buys me candles as presents (I'm an odd one I know!)
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