Current Beauty Wants...


Current Beauty Wants

So Christmas has come & gone & I got some amazing beauty presents to tick off my ever growing list. Since it's my birthday in January I think it's acceptable to place a cheeky Debenhams order (or two) I made this little want list to keep me happy until payday rolls around. Although it seems to be ever growing, thank god for the "save for later" button! I sense this is going to be a year of beauty & new discoveries for me, needless to say I'm excited even if my bank balance & Fiancee isn't. 

  1. Amazing picks! I have the Too Faced Chocolate Bar Palette and absolutely love it! :)


  2. That candlelight face powder!! It looks stunning! And the Yankee Candle will always be top of my list too :) Wild Fig sounds like is smells gorgeous.



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