Hello 2015.....


So 2014 was a bit of a mixed bag it most certainly had it's ups & downs but one thing is for sure I've moved in to 2015 with a far more level headed & positive attitude. If 2014 has taught me anything it's to be thankful & grateful for what you have & I'm not talking about makeup & clothes. I mean the things that really matter like the people you love. The two biggest highlights of my year have to be moving house & finding out we are having a baby. Two major life changing things that couldn't have come at a better time & made us anymore happy than we are. We also found out on Christmas eve that we are having a baby boy, We have chosen his name & now that Christmas is out the way we can start buying & prepping ready for him to arrive, he's due May 12th 2015 but if he makes an appearance on that day is another thing completely. We are both so excited for him that I honestly feel like I could burst, I feel like we've moved on from being just a couple to actually being a little family which makes me so happy, to finally have something to call ours & something to turn our house in to a home. Speaking of which, it's an absolute godsend to be living in a house that isn't full of damp & isn't crumbling down! We actually have a garden, a beautifully big kitchen & three lovely bedrooms. I no longer feel cramped for space & feel like every day is a battle to see which chunk of wallpaper is going to fall off next. Our new home is so peaceful & perfect as well as being warm & cosy, it's the perfect place for our little family to grow & flourish. It doesn't need a mass amount of work but slowly we are moving through each room, upgrading furniture & putting our own stamp on things.
I have made new years resolutions this year & one of them is to defiantly blog more, I can see myself using this little basic blog to grow & escape each evening when I'm up to my eyeballs in dirty nappies. I feel like as I've changed as a person where life isn't all about  makeup, I can transition in sharing more lifestyle posts & Baby updates. The other aren't quite as interesting as "try more lipstick shades" or "make more cookie for everyone in work" but rather to never take anything for granted & to appreciate each day as it comes. 
  1. congrats on the baby and oh my god that dog!

    xx danielle // shades of danielle // bloglovin

    1. Thank you lovely :) Lol that's Gertie she was an early & some what unexpected Christmas present, she's a Bichon Frise :) x


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